We Design… We Print…@ Wegrafix

We are a one-stop design and print solutions provider offering a comprehensive range of pre-print and post-print services. Our team is highly experienced in this industry, enabling us to produce superior quality services to our clients.

We are also a leading supplier, printing manufacturer and printer of collateral for the purposes of advertising and marketing, both commercial and non-commercial correspondences and projects.

Why Choose Us

We aim to be the finest design and print service to our customers within the region.
We are a passionate and knowledgeable team of design and printing experts. We strive to exceed expectations by partnering with our customers to understand and anticipate their business needs.
We strive to work with integrity and to use our technical expertise to produce the highest quality printed piece, and deliver it well to our customers.



We will listen to your design and printing needs and determine suitable print techniques with quality in mind. Our professionals will gladly assist you with that.



We offer graphic design in-house for all print purposes. We create your graphic design concepts and all other communication material needed for your business.


We have a range of digital and offset printing capabilities to provide you with effective printing methods that help you maximise your budget and deliver on time.